Blogging – Feel the Fear and do it anyway!

By March 9, 2017 Tips

Are you Blogging or Blagging?

So today brings me to the point of writing?my first blog….

I hear time and time again that people are terrified when it comes to putting yourself out there and writing a personal or professional blog (me too!) –

  • ‘but people might think it’s rubbish’
  • ‘I’m not sure what to talk about’
  • ‘will people understand where I’m coming from?’
  • ‘what’s the point in blogging?’

I spend so much time?encouraging clients to blog, blog and blog some more! So now I have launched Dragnet Designs website, the tables have turned!?It’s my go! Eeeek. It made sense to me that my first topic?to blog about should be about blogging!

blogging fearsSo why do some of us?hate writing blogs?

For me, one of the main reasons is?Fear. ?Fear?of being criticised and putting myself?out there. Fear of being judged. Fear of saying the ?wrong? thing. Who would want to listen to me? What does she know? And for some people, fear of letting readers?see into their?life.

How I plan to overcome my?fear of blogging

I?need to find my voice, I believe?that I?have value. I want to turn subjects?I’m passionate about into valuable?content.

Here are some points which will remind me of what I should be doing;

Turn passion and knowledge into content

Transform the passion and knowledge you?have gained throughout your?career?and personal experiences into engaging?content. If you’re an expert in your industry then that shouldn’t be difficult, right? Believe in what your writing. For instance, I would have no drive, intention or very little want?to write a blog about political affairs, accountancy or football but I can ?push myself out of my comfort zone and write a blog about logo design. I know logo design, it’s what I do (possible blog number 2??). Keep it simple and stick to what you know.

Getting organised

I’ll plan?time out in my?calendar. It’s important we give ourselves?a chance to plan and?form a content schedule. This should?help us stay on track. We are all as busy as the next person, the tasks I?don’t enjoy the most get pushed down the to ‘do list’ and before I?know it, it will be 4 weeks since I last blogged. I’m going to set myself?clear goals, hold myself?accountable (a wine sanction on a Friday evening if I dont execute?!)?I want to have time to create content without feeling pressure to do so.

BloggingI am who I am!

Use your own voice, it’s?better than pretending you have someone else’s! Be honest, be you. I like to think that my clients already love me…. ?I want to give them more.

Don’t be reckless with your words, not being reckless is different to being afraid to write.



So, what are the benefits? Why should we blog?

Not everyone is going to like your blog, but such is life, we can never please everyone. What is important though is that Google is also reading, if Google sees your content as authentic, then Google will be happy to reward you by?pushing you up the ranking. Result! So, in short, here’s the reasons I want to start blogging regularly;

  • Google is watching me!
  • I may attract an audience (blush)
  • I?can establish authority
  • Opportunities may come my way
  • I’ll hopefully get better the more I do (like!)

Things to remember;

Remain positive rather than negative. If you write?from anger, hurt?or fear, your reader will feel that too.

Be honest. Don’t try to be someone else.

Pimp it up a bit with some eye-catching images (see links below)

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

So for now, my reminder?to myself and a message to you – just go ahead and let it all out. What’s the worst that can happen?

For some inspiration…. Here’s one of my favourite ever stories from the, not only handsome, but talented Marcus Sheridon (The Sales Lion) This guy is a true Legend!

I also found some helpful resources?from creating content to sourcing free images. Go ahead and bookmark them!

If you enjoyed my blog please feel free to share and thanks for reading!

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