Carlsberg’s ‘World’s First’ Green 6-Pack Redesign Ditches Plastic Rings Forever!

By September 12, 2018 News

Redesign Ditches Plastic Rings Forever!

Together with its latest global rebrand comes Carlsberg’s tangible commitment to reducing the amount of waste it contributes to Mother Nature.

In this “world first for the beer industry,” Carlsberg introduces its eco-friendly six-pack redesign called the ‘Snap Pack’. It has been designed to reduce the amount of plastic waste brought about by its multipacks by up to 76 percent.

In place of conventional plastic rings that hold multipack beers together, the beer brand has invented an eco-friendly glue using “pioneering technology” that not only holds the cans of the beer together, but can also be recycled along with the packaging.

The glue is strong enough to firmly support up to eight cans, while being sufficiently easy to separate by consumers. It is also capable of enduring transportation during the logistics and distribution processes. Furthermore, the glue does not leave behind any sticky residue that would make consumers uncomfortable when holding the can.

Three years in the making . . .

Carlsberg’s sustainability director Simon Boas Hoffmeyer explained that the development team had to test nearly 4,000 versions of the glue before arriving at the final product, which has been three years in the making.

“It’s an important day for Carlsberg. We are working hard to deliver on our ambitious sustainability agenda and to help tackle climate change,” announced Cees ’t Hart, CEO of the Carlsberg Group, inside a press release.

“We always strive to improve and today’s launch clearly shows our ambition to follow in our founder’s footsteps towards a better tomorrow. Carlsberg’s Snap Pack will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste, and we look forward to giving our consumers better beer experiences with less environmental impact.”

In an interview with Dezeen, Hoffmeyer shared that Carlsberg hopes other brands will follow suit and reinvent their products or services to become more sustainable.

“We really want to be first in the market with this,” said Hoffmeyer, who added that the brand yearns to show consumers that it is dedicated to bringing “concrete solutions” for a greener future to the market.

Carlsberg’s ‘Snap Pack’ will debut across the UK this weekend. It will arrive in Norway come late September, and in Denmark by the start of 2019. Carlsberg’s remaining markets worldwide will receive the redesign thereafter.


Carlsberg has invented an eco-friendly glue to hold the beer cans together, thereby reducing plastic waste by up to 76 percent.

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